About our company

The House of Netta, later to become Netta Australia, is Australia's only PVC doll and night light manufacturer which is a proud family business run out of its South Australian factory. With its rich family history, Netta Australia has been lighting up the eyes of children and collectors for over 35 years.

All Netta dolls with their life-like features, beautiful eyes, hair and moving limbs have captured the hearts of thousands of Australians for many years.

New dolls and client specific items are always in pre-production and development at Netta Australia.

Netta Australia have already received glowing comments about how realistic their dolls are and how they become a treasured part of any collection. The night lights have also given children and parents the reliability of a safe and sound sleep, offering a comforting glow to keep the darkness away.

Our dolls are made strong and sturdy, and were developed to last a life time - one of the many reasons why Netta dolls are so popular. It is not uncommon to hear stories of dolls being passed down from generation to generation.

All our products conform to Australian safety standards, ensuring our consumers a level quality, safety and service. We pride ourselves on our products and look forward to driving Netta Australia forward in years to come.